TEC44 - Demystifying Dynamics AX 2012 Performance

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Room: Presidential Chamber A

Format: Presentation
Level: Intermediate
CPE: 1
Version: AX 2012; AX 2012 R2; AX 2012 R3

Attend this session and learn the following with regards to Dynamics AX 2012 Performance:

1. Dynamics AX server settings and best practices
a. Trace Flags in SQL
b. SQL server settings
c. What should be and should not be on your AX servers

2. Dynamics AX client settings
a. Things users can do for a better AX experience
b. Settings a sysadmin might consider adjusting

3. Low hanging fruit that can be found with Dynperf 2.0 and other tools
a. Table caching
b. missing indexes

4. How to use Perfmon to find server issues
a. What templates to use and where to find them
b. Using the PAL tool to analyze the data from Perfmon

Learning Objectives:

Jason Spindler

Senior Systems Engineer
MCA Connect

Jason Spindler
Senior Systems Engineer MCA Connect, Managed Services
Over 18 years working in the IT industry.  The first fifteen years were spent working for CountryMark. Implemented AX 2009 and eventually with an upgrade to AX 2012.  The last 4 years, he has been with MCA Connect as an infrastructure engineer installing and supporting AX 2012 RTM, R2, and R3.


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Steve Walsh

Technical Director - Managed Services
MCA Connect

Over 20 years of IT experience; started his ERP career customizing and enhancing Dynamics GP; moved to AX in 2005 as a team member for Microsoft Consulting Services; In 2007, joined the Fargo AX Support team; In 2011, joined MCA Connect to build out the Customer Care program, which has morphed into a Managed Services department. Responsibilities include managing and directing technical support, custom projects, and initiatives within the Managed Services team; His team includes AX developers and system engineers.


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Demystifying Dynamics AX 2012 Performance

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