Codex BioSolutions, Inc

Codex BioSolutions provides cell based assay products and services to the research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The core products of Codex are ACTOne Cell lines and membrane potential kits which were initially developed at BD Biosciences. ACTOne Technology is the first in its class in providing real-time information on intracellular cAMP changes in a high-throughput format without a cell lysis step. It has been successfully used to measure Gs and Gi coupled GPCR activities and PDE activities. Codex provides GPCR/PDE stable cell lines and the related reagents. Codex also provides iPS generation services and iPS derived cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes and neural stem cell/neural progenitor cells. We also supply iPS related reagents, such as iPS growth medium and some growth factors. Codex’s non-wash calcium dye kits are excellent on iPS derived cardiomyocytes.

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