Davos Diagnostics AG

Davos Diagnostics AG was founded in July 2011 to develop, produce and market its proprietary EVA-system, an innovative, rapid, medical diagnostic test system for the point-of-care market. Initially collecting first experience in the non-regulated R&D market, the company provides commercial validation in the field of hematology with tests for typing of blood platelets, before expanding its product portfolio with further in-vitro diagnostic -IVD- tests for clinical diagnostics where the time-to-result is crucial. All products are based on the EVA-Technology that makes use of the optical phenomenon of evanescent fields for selectively exciting bound fluorophors and measuring the biochemical binding reaction in real-time. This allows to realize affordable and easy-to-use diagnostic tests that are 10 times faster, require less manipulation steps than conventional ELISA-tests – with equal sensitivity and specificity.

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