LVL technologies GmbH & Co KG.

LVL technologies GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of consumables for laboratory automation and automated liquid handling since 1986. The main focus of our product range are sample storage solutions in the standardized 96 SBS Format like: Deep Well Plates, Reservoirs, Microtiter Plates, alphanumeric coded tube rack system and our 2D Tube Rack System Samplosophy®. The product line of the 2D coded tubes Samplosophy® launched in 2013. At the moment LVL has to offer various volumes starting at 300µl up to 5ml, external and internal thread types and a highly customizable 2D tube rack system to fit all the different needs of our customers. Associated infrastructure such as scanners and cappers are also part of the product range. This year we are launching our brand new 2D 2ml Cryo Tube. Which is the next complementation of the 2D Tube Family Samplosophy®.

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