Arrayjet Ltd

Arrayjet are leading providers of innovative microarray solutions to researchers, drug development groups and diagnostic companies world-wide. Arrayjet have an installation base across 27 countries world-wide, Arrayjet's technology is well established and proven. Offering a flexible, customer focussed approach with the provision of Arrayjet Advance™ microarray services, our in-house printing service, in addition to four scalable microarray instruments ranging from 100 slides to 1000 slide fully automated mass manufacturing capacity. Arrayjet also offer consumables, accessories and service support to maximise instrument performance. Arrayjet's platform technology uses unique, non-contact, inkjet printing offering unrivalled speed, reproducibility and precision. It delivers high quality microarrays faster than any other technology with the ability to print any sample type onto a wide variety of substrates.

Arrayjet Ltd

Stobo House

Midlothian Innovation Centre

Roslin, Scotland EH25 9RE

United Kingdom

+44 1314405222

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