Sphere Fluidics, Inc

Sphere Fluidics (SF) is an established Life Sciences Tools company providing unique collaborative services and products for single cell analysis and characterisation. The Company has 59 patents covering novel biochip systems that automatically process tens of millions of miniaturised tests in picodroplets (i.e. small compartments of a picolitre volume). SF is applying its technology to major segments of the Life Sciences market, with particular focus on Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Development. SF is developing an integrated bench-top technology platform (the Cyto-Mine® system) that can find that rare “one in a billion” molecule or cell that could be an industry blockbuster. Cyto-Mine® enables the discovery and development of new biotherapeutic proteins (e.g. antibodies) and screen large cell libraries to identify valuable clones. Compared to conventional approaches, SF’s technology is fast, integrated and miniaturised - offering tremendous cost-savings.

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