Nova Biostorage Plus, LLC

Nova Biostorage+ is an innovator in the sample storage industry, offering a full solution for all things sample management: sample collection, storage, traceability, automation, and measurement. Products include a complete range of sample storage and cryogenic tubes, caps and racks; (q)PCR products machines; readers and sorters; manual/automated (de)cappers, tube labelers, and equipment; sample data management and tracking software; liquid-handling products; and data and evidence collection swabs.

1003 Ashwood Dr

Canonsburg, PA 15317

(724) 941-6411

Categories: Automation, Barcode Readers, Compound Libraries, Diagnostics, Diluters/Dispensers, Drug Discovery, General Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Genetics, Genomics, HTS Products, Labeling, Liquid Handling Equipment, Plasticware, Robotics - Custom, Sample Management, Vials - Glass, Vials - Plastic

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