Intense Engineering

Intense Engineering designs, develops, and builds custom instruments, devices, and automated systems for companies in the bioscience sector. We support research, development, and production groups, collaborating with our customers and following a rigorous, GAMP5 V-model, problem focused process. Our team strives to enable great minds to do great things by applying the combined skill and experience of our design, engineering, and scientific staff. By working closely with our clients to develop and deliver equipment that can’t be bought off the shelf, we help optimize process outcomes and the bottom line. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, we’ve worked across North America with leading equipment and reagent manufacturers, and helped R&D focused biotechnology companies move their research forward. Whether it’s taking your process to the next level, or getting a new technology to market, the team at Intense Engineering is on call to help.

4009 Felland Rd.,

Ste. 101

Madison, WI 53718

(608) 210-4855

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