TeselaGen Biotechnology, Inc.

TeselaGen has developed a powerful, cloud-based, computer aided design and build platform for accelerating synthetic biology. TeselaGen replaces costly and time-consuming traditional molecular cloning with a platform that enables a seamless, design to delivery process for synthetic biology. Currently, TeselaGen’s core BioCAD software has over 3,000 users around the world. Our customers are developing immunotherapy biologics, virus like particles (VLPs), sustainable chemicals, natural products, and plant modifications for enhanced agricultural traits. TeselaGen has been building and growing the BioCAD platform since its incorporation in 2011, and makes its home in the software development hub of San Francisco, CA.


18th St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

(650) 387-5932


Categories: Automation, Computer Hardware/Software, Genetics, Genomics, Informatics

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