Etaluma, Inc

Etaluma offers high resolution fluorescence microscopy on your bench or in your incubator. Etaluma’s LS720 fully automated, 3-color inverted microscope does live-cell assays, tissue, and spheroids. The LS720’s compact size makes it ideal for integration with liquid handling workstations to image SBS microplates up to 1536 wells. The patented solid-state optics enable incredible sensitivity, maximum resolution, and zero pixel shift composites. Tiling, Z-stacks, and Autofocus allow powerful time-lapse, videos, and 3D acquisition. Providing true next-gen microscopy, the compact, inverted design allows imaging in a wide range of labware in incubators, hoods, gloveboxes, and in the field.

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Categories: Detection Systems, Drug Discovery, Flouresence Equipment & Supplies, Imaging Systems, Microscopy/Imagery/Optical Equipment

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