Advanced Technology Inc.

OUR BUSINESS:  Customization of automated bio-process systems  OEM development and/or manufacturing of automated systems  OEM development and/or manufacturing of analytical & diagnostic instruments OUR STRENGTHS:  System Design, Embedded Software, Image Processing, & Microfluidics  Self-developed Syringe Pump, MEMS Pipette, Thermo Cycler, and other essential parts for Bio-automated system guarantees improved performance at a competitive cost  Fully integrated system with expertise in microfluidics and image processing provides reliable and effective automated solutions compared to other competitors in the industry OUR KEY PRODUCTS:  Automated Cell Culture System  Microarrayer  Automated Liquid Handler  Fluorescence Scanner

#112 Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-Gu

Incheon, 21999

Republic of Korea


Categories: Automation, Cell Culture, Cell Culture Apparatus/Supplies, Clinical Automation, Contract Services, Diluters/Dispensers, Engineering & Design Services, Flouresence Equipment & Supplies, Genetics, Genomics, HTS Products, Imaging Software, Imaging Systems, Liquid Handling Equipment, Microarray Biochip Analysis Systems, Microplate Dispensers, Microplate Handlers, Microplate Transfer Systems, Microscopy/Imagery/Optical Equipment, Molecular Biology Reagents, Sample Management, Sample Prep

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