Hudson Robotics, Inc.

Hudson Robotics has been manufacturing and integrating lab instruments for over 33 years. We work with many fortune 500 Phama and Biotech companies on multi-million dollar projects. We design the production facilities for Assay Kit & Reagent manufactures as well as automate their R&D labs. We have OEM programs for rebranding our instruments by other instrument manufacturers to sell in their Product lines. We can customize robots for your specific needs. We Manufacture the following: Large Integrated systems for Synthetic Biology, Protein Expression and other complex tasks. Robotic arms and track systems for moving microplates for High-Throughput Screening. Liquid Handlers, automated pipettors, plate washers, reagent dispensers. A DNA/RNA/Protein/SPE extraction device: The FilterPress Workstation. Microplate barcode labelers and plate sealers. 3 models of colony Picker instruments. Dried Bloodspot Processors. Our Lab automation software controls over 200 3rd party Instruments.

10 Stern Ave

Springfield, NJ 07081

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