MDZ Automation LLC

We offer fully automated, user-friendly, and affordable liquid handlers and advanced robotic stations. Our newest model, Argenta, is a fully automated liquid handler with an introductory price of $14,495. From simple plate fillings, to more complex protocols, Argenta is a budget-friendly solution for your lab! Our advanced robotic station, ProPipette, includes all the features as in the Argenta model with a larger workspace to accommodate more microplates and accessories. The ProPipette also offers a wide range of options including, gripper for plate/vial manipulation, weigh stations, 2D/linear barcode readers and more. Thanks to our flexible platform and low overhead, we can fully customize our instruments for specific applications at low cost. A variety of third party instruments can be integrated with our instruments such us microplate readers, analytical balances, robotic arms, syringe pumps, etc.

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