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F017 - The One Drop Mobile App and Experts Program is Evidence-based and Improves Blood Glucose

Thursday, Mar 30
11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Room: Indigo Ballroom

Overview: Mobile health apps must incorporate best practices for clear health communication, behavior change, psychosocial care and education. The One Drop iOS and Android app is used by over 120,000 people worldwide. The app facilitates blood glucose (BG) and self-care tracking, and provides recipes, insights, tips and community support (‘likes’, stickers, data sharing). In December 2016, One Drop released the ‘Experts’ coaching service. Certified Diabetes Educators deliver a structured in-app program and offer ‘on call’ support. Here, we describe One Drop’s grounding in scientific evidence, incorporation of best care practices, and present its initial efficacy.

Mobile App: The app’s self-care tracking feature is designed to enhance understanding (information) of the link between behaviors and BG. The combination of in-app recipes, inspirational content and community data sharing and praise is designed to enhance favorable attitudes and social normative support that, combined, fuel motivation. The medication and BG check reminders, data-driven insights, and health tips are designed to enhance self-efficacy or behavioral skills. In these and other ways, the One Drop app is grounded in the empirically-supported Information—Motivation—Behavioral Skills model of behavior change. Finally, all content is presented clearly, including numerical information.

Experts: ‘Experts’ uses best practices for clear health communication, omitting jargon, simplifying instructions and lessons, and using the teach-back technique to confirm understanding. ‘Experts’ teaches evidence-based behavioral techniques (e.g., setting realistic goals, using environmental cues to remember behaviors). It also provides emotional and instrumental support, and behavior change accountability. Finally, ‘Experts’ provides strategies to overcome psycho-social barriers to performing self-care.

Initial Efficacy: After one month, people tracking food and BG with the One Drop ‘App + Experts’:

One Drop incorporates critical programmatic elements associated with self-care and A1c in the scientific literature. At one month, the One Drop ‘App + Experts’ significantly improved BG. Evidence-based and effective mobile health programs may serve an important public health role in providing self-care support in a scalable manner.

Jeff Dachis

Founder & CEO
Informed Data Systems Inc.
New York, New York

Mark Heyman

University of California, San Diego
Solana Beach, California

Chandra Osborn

VP of Health and Behavioral Informatics
One Drop, Informed Data Systems Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee