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Super Sunday Session

Personalizing the Curriculum to Challenge Talented Learners: Designing Renzulli Academies

Sunday, November 12
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Location: 213 A

Differentiation is a challenge for all teachers and yet a necessary strategy to challenge talented learners. In recent years, special schools called Renzulli Academies have utilized personalized learning and the strategies associated with the Schoolwide Enrichment Model to challenge all students. Renzulli Academies enable teachers to create learning profiles and use interests and learning styles to personalize learning for all students, employing talent development opportunities to create learning experiences that engage and challenge. Several academies have been developed in the last few years, and information about these and the ways that teachers personalize and engage students are discussed in this session.

Sally M. Reis

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
University of Connecticut

Sally M. Reis is the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor at The University of Connecticut. She was previously a Department Head of Educational Psychology Department where she also served as a Principal Investigator for the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. She was a public school teacher for 15 years, 11 of which were spent working with gifted students on the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. She has authored or co-authored over 250 articles, books, book chapters, monographs and technical reports.

Her research interests are related to special populations of gifted and talented students, including: students with learning disabilities, gifted females and diverse groups of talented students. She is also interested in extensions of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model for both gifted and talented students and as a way to expand offerings and provide general enrichment to identify talents and potentials in students who have not been previously identified as gifted. She is the Co-Director of Confratute, the longest running summer institute in the development of gifts and talents. She has been a consultant to numerous schools and ministries of education throughout the U.S. and abroad.

She is co-author of The Schoolwide Enrichment Model, The Secondary Triad Model, Dilemmas in Talent Development in the Middle Years, and a book published in 1998 about women’s talent development entitled Work Left Undone: Choices and Compromises of Talented Females. Sally serves on several editorial boards, including the Gifted Child Quarterly, and is a past President of the National Association for Gifted Children. She has been honored with the highest award in her field as the Distinguished Scholar of the National Association for Gifted Children and named a fellow of the American Psychological Association.


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Joseph S. Renzulli

University of Connecticut

Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli is Director of UConn’s Renzulli Center for Creativity, gifted Education, and Talent Development and a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology. The American Psychological Association named him among the 25 most influential psychologists in the world. He received the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Award for Innovation in Education, considered by many to be “the Nobel” for educators, and was a consultant to the White House Task Force on Education of the Gifted. His work on the Three Ring Conception of Giftedness, the Enrichment Triad Model and Curriculum Compacting and Differentiation were pioneering efforts in the 1970s, and he has contributed hundreds publications to the professional literature. Dr. Renzulli has received more than $50 million in research grants and several million dollars of additional funding for professional development and service projects.

Dr. Renzulli established UConn’s annual Confratute Program which has served more than 35,000 teachers from around the world since 1978. He also established the UConn Mentor Connection, a summer program that enables high-potential high school students to work side by side with leading scientists, historians, and artists and other leading edge university researchers. He is also the founder along with Dr. Reis of the Joseph S. Renzulli Gifted and Talented Academy in Hartford, Connecticut which has become a model for local and national urban school reform for high potential/low income students.

His most recent work is an online personalized learning program that provides profiles of each student’s academic strengths, interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression. This unique program has a search engine that matches multiply coded resources with student profiles. Teachers also use the program to select and infuse high engagement enrichment activities into any and all standardized curriculum topics. [http://lpilearning.org/renzulli-learning-is-back/]


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Personalizing the Curriculum to Challenge Talented Learners: Designing Renzulli Academies

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