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Stories about a Drop-Out Center for Twice-Exceptional Students

Saturday, November 11
9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Location: 210 B

Dropping out of high school is a serious concern for gifted children, particularly those who are 2e. These creatively gifted children just won’t fit in the regular system, and often the result is a depressed teenager with low self-esteem who drops out of school. A successful program for those drop-out students, the Feniks Talent Center, was founded in the Netherlands. During this session the director shares his experiences and lessons learned, along with the suggestions for creating drop-out centers in other locations. Additional focus is given to how to apply these lessons in your school or learning environment.

Femke Hovinga

Take on Talents

Femke Hovinga is a gifted specialist from Utrecht, The Netherlands. She knows first-hand what kind of struggles extreme giftedness can cause whilst finding a way through the educational system. Dealing with being bullied, bored and lonely she felt like an outcast and became an underachiever. Despite these struggles she managed to graduate as an MSc in management from Nyenrode Business University. Driven by the ambition to help gifted children to experience a better childhood she then studied to be a talent counselor.

Together with Tijl Koenderink, a well-known Dutch author, Femke works on Take on Talents. This facilitates parents and teachers to learn more about giftedness. Take on Talents' focus is on the US. Femke also founded the European platform for the Extremely and Profoundly Gifted (Talentissimo) and is the European representative for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted).


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Tijl Koenderink

Take on Talents

Tijl Koenderink is a textbook case of gifted education gone wrong. He had tremendously bad school results despite an IQ-test score of over 150. He left three different high schools due to underachievement and was severely depressed. He barely made it through the final exams, whilst on the other hand working as a software programmer and architect at age 16. By now, Tijl (1982) has become a major force in education in The Netherlands. His main focus is the underachieving bright students, many of whom have dropped out of school and society. An entrepreneur as well as an educator, Tijl is the founder and CEO of drop-out center ‘Feniks Talent’, the founding board member of the ‘School of Understanding’, and the Co-founder and Head Trainer of TakeOnTalents.com.


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Stories about a Drop-Out Center for Twice-Exceptional Students


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