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5 - Innate or Blank Slate? What Neuroscience Says About the Origin of Talent

Friday, Nov 10
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

The theoretical underpinnings of gifted and talented education, its programs and curricula, are based upon psychological science, which can sometimes be contradictory. One of the most contested ideas in gifted and talented education is whether individuals are born gifted or whether giftedness is strictly the product of development. Is it possible to step outside of the psychological sciences in order to determine what other scientific disciplines may say about the issue of giftedness? In what may serve as a tiebreaker, this session presents a review of what neuroscience says about the origins of high ability and aptitude.

James Bishop

Executive Director
The Passionate Mind Institute
Frisco, Texas

James Bishop is a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas with a concentration in Gifted and Talented Education. Prior to beginning his doctoral program, he received his bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of North Texas and master’s degrees in Professional Development and Professional Counseling from Amberton University. He is a licensed professional counselor at Fundamental Foundations Counseling Center in Frisco, Texas, where he specializes in working with gifted children and adults.