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47 - Justified Rubric

Friday, Nov 10
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Attendees examine examples of effective and ineffective rubrics and analyze how they are different. They apply basic rubric strategies to improve a rubric of their own that they are encouraged to bring with them to the presentation. Finally, they examine how using a Justified Rubric pushes students to a higher level of expectation and, when used correctly, a higher quality of work.

Joy Kirk

Gifted Resource Teacher
Frederick County Public Schools
Winchester, Virginia

Joy Kirk is a middle school gifted resource teacher in Frederick County Public Schools in Virginia. She has 22 years of teaching experience. Joy needed and found a way to challenge her students to go above and beyond. She works collaboratively with tea hers in all content areas, including electives and health. Joy wants to see gifted students working to their potential in all classes.