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22 - Building a Culture of Creative and Critical Thinkers

Saturday, Nov 11
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

How would an autonomous, chatter-filled classroom that produces confident, deeply introspective students look? This session aims to answer that question through an interactive workshop that defines classroom culture that leads to student success and gives the instructional leader the prospect of creating opportunities to afford such a setting. Cooperative groups build relevant, meaningful lessons that elicit the highest level of thinking using the research-based Talents Unlimited model as a best practice to provide a framework for infusing critical and creative thinking in every aspect of student learning.

Kelly Lomax

International Project Director
Talents Unlimited
Mobile, Alabama

As the International Project Director of Talents Unlimited, I provide training and implementation coaching on building a culture of thinkers for educators worldwide to lead students in creative and critical thinking skills. I have also worked extensively in the classroom and school level to model the direction a classroom should follow to create the atmosphere needed for optimal student learning, which has led to helping teachers identify under-served populations, as well as highly capable and gifted students. I have presented these concepts, as well as many others, at international, national, regional, state, and district level conferences. Each biennium, I organize and execute the Talents Unlimited conference, which provides opportunities for educators to receive training in the model, as well as visit international demonstration sites that I maintain, and implementation from certified trainers and experts in their fields of critical and creative thinking. I am a doctoral student at the University of West Florida in the area of curriculum and instruction. As a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), I contiue to assist and mentor candidates for National Board Certification. To help build comprehension of the vast career of education, I partner with the University of South Alabama’s College of Education to prepare students to teach critical and creative thinking throughout their last semester in school, as well as provide an opportunity for them to attend training upon graduation. I was a classroom teacher for over twenty years, where I served as an examiner for Baldrige Performance Excellence Award, served on many leadership committees within the school and district, and presented numerous workshops on all areas of curriculum on the district, state, and national levels.