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13 - Constructing Well-Rounded Gifted Children through Critical Thinking and Creativity

Friday, Nov 10
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

We need real-world problem solvers to build a better future. Adolescent gifted education should utilize whole-child teaching to help us really know our kids. This is necessary if we want to build trust, increase engagement, further develop critical and creative thinking, and create globally aware problem solvers.
Participants engage in minds-on, hands-on activities. We focus on engaging students by building trust through social-emotional tools and challenging them through critical and creative thinking activities. Participants also learn how to create globally aware students and to put these tools together to facilitate real-world problem solving.

Ashley Griffin

Pinellas County Schools
St Petersburg, Florida

Ashley Griffin is a graduate of Florida State University has been a teacher of gifted in Pinellas County schools for eight years. She is passionate about meeting student’s social emotional needs and engaging her students in divergent thinking through creative activities. She believes in creating real-world problem solvers and inspires her students to go forth and make change. She believes in teaching the whole child and that through meeting their affective needs, children can better reach their true potential.

Coral C. Marsh

Gifted Content Specialist
Pinellas County Schools
St. Petersburg, Florida

Coral Marsh is the Gifted Content Specialist, K-12 for Pinellas County Schools in Florida. She was a teacher for 12 years and left the classroom because she wanted to help teachers better meet gifted students unique needs. She is passionate about gifted education and beleives in educating "the whole child".