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28 - An Analysis of Parents' Perceptions on Short-Term Benefits and Drawbacks of a Saturday Enrichment Program

Saturday, Nov 11
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Parents can provide important feedback concerning their gifted children’s experiences in out-of-school enrichment programs. This feedback can inform program developers about what works and what needs improvement within these programs. Parents can benefit in several ways from enrolling their children in extracurricular gifted programs. They can connect with the experts who provide the programs and enhance their own knowledge of working with their children, and they can experience the satisfaction of providing high-quality educational experiences for their children. In this session, I share parents’ perceptions (n=500) concerning the short-term benefits and drawbacks of one Saturday Enrichment Program run through a university center for students in grades PreK through eight.

Emine Ozturk

PhD Student
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana

Emine Ozturk is a doctoral student in Gifted,Creative, and Talented Studies and research assistant at Purdue University. Her advisor is Dr. Marcia Gentry and her research interest include topics related to creativity, intelligence, identification, talent development and STEM. She received her first and second bachelor degrees from Istanbul University in Elementary Education with minors in Science Teaching and Gifted Education and a major in English Language Teaching. Before coming to Purdue, she was a research assistant in the Research and Practice Center for Gifted and Talented in Anadolu University and developed courses on Critical and Analytic Thinking for gifted children. She also served in Turkish public schools as a classroom teacher for four years.