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18 - Assessing the Effectiveness of English Learner Excellence eVolving through Advanced Teacher Education Program

Saturday, Nov 11
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

This study aims to evaluate the impact of the English Learner Excellence eVolving through Advanced Teacher Education program for underserved gifted (Project ELEVATE). Effective professional development through this innovative program should increase knowledge and skills of identifying, serving, and teaching underserved gifted learners to strengthen learning outcomes. Implemented in a school district over 5 years, this study examined the effectiveness of training in 5 Title I schools over 2 years. Through an analysis of data collected from teachers, the study provides data about the effectiveness of this innovative program, demonstrating an exemplary program for training teachers of underserved gifted students.

Haiyan Bai

Associate Professor
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida

Dr. Bai specializes in quantitative research methodology, research design, and measurement and evaluation in education. She has been awarded over 2.5-million national grants for large-scale school-based intervention projects for K-20 students. Dr. Bai has also published empirical studies based on the grant projects she worked on and also published many other theoretical and empirical research articles in referred journals and books in research methodology.

Gillian Eriksson

Coordinator: Gifted Education Program, Co-PI Project ELEVATE (Javits)
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida

Gillian Eriksson, Ph.D. is the Coordinator of the Masters in Teacher Leadership in Gifted Program, Gifted Education Certificate Program, the Lead Instructor in Gifted Education and Multicultural Education, and also teaches Curriculum, Global and Comparative Education at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Eriksson has a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Research and Evaluation, and Special Education: Gifted (University of Connecticut). She has an international reputation as a specialist in underserved gifted and talented students; has served as the USA elected delegate to the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children for 3 terms (2007-2013), and has presented at 12 world Gifted conferences and 9 times at NAGC annual conventions. She is the UCF PI for Project ELEVATE (Jacob K. Javits Grant) and previously served as the Project Coordinator of Project Step-Up, a Javits Grant at Lamar University, Texas (1993-1994). She was the Co-Pi on the Working on Gifted Issues (WOGI) Grant at UCF for the Florida Department of Education (2002-2003) and rewrote the Teaching Special Populations of Gifted Training Manual used by school districts in 2007. She coordinates the UCF Semester Teacher Education Abroad Program and has conducted study and internship abroad programs to The Netherlands, England, and South Africa. She served on the Morgridge International Reading Center Council; has received awards for UCF Women of Excellence for Global Achievement (2016); Teaching Excellence (TIP Teaching Incentive Program); Internationalization; Minority Mentorship and a Fulbright scholarship. She received the 2015 Board of Educational Affairs Golden Psi Award of Excellence (APA) for developing the Gifted Curriculum at a charter school for gifted. Her textbook addresses underserved gifted (Wallace, B; Eriksson, G.I. (2006) Diversity in Gifted Education: International Perspectives on Global Issues. Oxon, UK: Taylor & Francis) and she is widely published and a consultant editor of Gifted Education International (Sage).

Jeanette Lukens

Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator, Project ELEVATE
Seminole County Public Schools, Florida
Sanford, Florida

Jeanette Lukens is the Project Director & Co-Principal Investigator for Project ELEVATE (Jacob K. Javits Grant) for Seminole County Public Schools. Jeanette is a nationally certified and state licensed school psychologist who completed her education at the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida. Jeanette has spoken at local, national, and international conferences on topics of identification and development of high ability students, professional development of teachers, and social/emotional needs of gifted learners. She has also served as an expert witness in litigation involving gifted education.