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36 - Higher Education, Academic Giftedness, and the Development of Creative Achievement: An Analysis of the TIME 100

Saturday, Nov 11
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

In this study, we employ a historiometric method to analyze eminent individuals—people named to the TIME 100—looking back on their educational histories to determine what role higher education and academic giftedness played in their success. Higher education, especially elite education, as well as academic giftedness appear to be important in the backgrounds of creative achievers, and this varies by type of achievement within the TIME 100, as well as different elite occupations in society.

James Gambrell

Research Scientist
ACT, Inc.
Iowa City, Iowa

Matthew C. Makel

Director of Research
Duke University TIP
Durham, North Carolina

Matthew C. Makel is the Director of Research for Duke University’s Talent Identification Program. His research focuses on research methods and academic talent development. Matt earned his PhD in Educational Psychology from Indiana University, an MA in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, and his BA in Psychology from Duke University, where he first started working with academically talented students while an undergraduate.

Jonathan Wai

Case Western Reserve University and Geisinger Health
Beachwood, Ohio

Jonathan Wai is a researcher at Case Western Reserve University and Geisinger Health. He studies how individual and contextual factors collectively impact the development of achievement and expertise across a variety of domains. He’s used historical, longitudinal, and experimental approaches to examine the multiple factors that contribute and take away from human capital development and how that’s connected to policies and conversations on enhancing creativity and innovation. His academic work has appeared in Journal of Educational Psychology, Current Directions in Psychological Science, Policy Insights From The Behavioral And Brain Sciences, Intelligence, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, Journal of Advanced Academics, Gifted Child Quarterly, High Ability Studies, and Frontiers in Psychology: Developmental. He serves on the editorial boards of Intelligence and Journal of Expertise.