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53 - Odyssey of the Mind: The Research behind this Creative Competition and How to Make the Best Use of It

Friday, Nov 10
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Odyssey of the Mind is one of the longest-running international creative problem-solving competitions. Anecdotal evidence abounds about the impact of the program on students' creative, socio-emotional, academic, and self-regulation skills. However, empirical research about Odyssey of the Mind is quite limited. In this poster, the author provides a snapshot of the program, summarizes the literature on Odyssey of the Mind, aligns its core activities with best practices in creativity development, and proposes several questions that can be answered by further research. The poster includes several program evaluation findings on a competing competition, Destination ImagiNation, which shares many similar features with the original Odyssey of the Mind.

Elena McLaughlin

Doctoral Student, gifted resource teacher
Florida Atlantic University/Seminole County Schools
Boca Raton, Florida

Elena McLaughlin is a special education teacher currently working with gifted populations in an elementary school in Florida. Elena's professional journey began in 2002 in South Florida, when she was hired as a community language facilitator to help students adopted from Russia to transition to American schools. Upon becoming a teacher, Elena McLaughlin continued her academic coursework, and she is now concentrating on her dissertation in the field of exceptional student education (ESE) at Florida Atlantic University. Elena's academic interests include effective gifted programming, best practices in inclusion, professional collaboration, and literacy instruction. Elena enjoys attending and presenting at professional conferences, and writing on a variety of educational topics.