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Global Partner Session: Why Do Students Study Overseas and What Are They Expecting?

Tuesday, May 30
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
LACC, Room 407

Presenters share the results of the latest round of research on student buying behavior and explore perceptions international students have of the five major English-speaking study destinations in relation to quality of education, graduate employability opportunities, affordability, safety, and visa requirements.

Learning Objectives:

Arlene Griffiths

Director Client Services & Business Development, UK & US
IDP Education (UK/US) Ltd

On graduating with a degree in Chemistry from Bradford University, Arlene started her professional working life in 1981 as a Marketing Graduate Trainee with Glaxo Holding She worked on a number of brand leaders and was part of the Zantac launch team, which set new marketing standards in its field.

Arlene took a year sabbatical to study for her MBA, of which she specialised in Management in Developing Countries and Change Management and gained a distinction. On completing this, she entered the sports sector and was appointed Sales and Marketing Director for Medisport International. Here Arlene saw firsthand the impact that sport can have internationally and in bridging cultures. After a spell in consultancy, Arlene decided to develop her global interest and joined Cardiff University in 2002 to head their International Office. She was then headhunted and joined the British Council in 2006 as Director, Education UK Partnership, during which time the Partnership team enjoyed its highest level of membership and delivered the highest level of customer service. Even during her time in education roles, Arlene has maintained her interest in business. This has included holding Non-Executive Board positions such as that for Milford Haven Dock Company. In October 2010 Arlene joined IDP Education to set up a UK operation where she is now Director, Client Relations & Business Development for the UK & US. Although she is based in Cardiff, she regularly spends time with the US team in IDP’s Philadelphia office.


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Lyndell Jacka

Head of Research Services
IDP Education

Lyndell Jacka is Head of Research Services at IDP Education Ltd, where she oversees a wide range of primary and secondary market research in international education and English language testing. Key areas of expertise include student buyer behaviour research, industry and environmental analysis and statistical reporting, which she has presented at industry conferences and events.


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Global Partner Session: Why Do Students Study Overseas and What Are They Expecting?


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