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Bringing the World to Classrooms: Training Teachers for Global Learning

Wednesday, May 31
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
LACC, Room 501

Learn about the broad impact of teacher training programs that effectively engage U.S. teachers and students in global learning. Presenters discuss program development and implementation strategies that aim at enhancing global learning for educators and students.

Learning Objectives:

Etsuyo Yuasa

Associate Professor/Director
The Ohio State University-Columbus

Etsuyo Yuasa is an associate professor in Japanese linguistics and pedagogy in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL) and the director of the East Asian Studies Center (EASC), a recipient of the Title VI NRC and FLAS grants for 2014-2018, at The Ohio State University. She has written a book about how form and meaning are associated and dissociated in language (Modularity in Language: Constructional and Categorial Mismatch in Syntax and Semantics, Mouton de Gruyter, 2005) and edited a linguistics volume (Pragmatics and Autolexical Grammar: In Honor of Jerry Sadock, John Benjamins, 2011). Another edited volume, Individualized Instruction in East Asian Languages, was published from Foreign Language Publications at OSU in 2013. Yuasa has extensive administrative experience. She is the founder and director of the Japanese Individualized Instruction Program; she was the key organizer of numerous events (e.g., three academic conferences; numerous workshops/lecture series; several DEALL annual Language Festivals); she has served in leadership positions in DEALL and in regional organizations (e.g., DEALL Language Program Director; DEALL Undergraduate Studies Director; DEALL Graduate Studies Director; Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese Treasurer), and she has orchestrated international research projects (e.g., editing a volume that involved more than 20 contributors world-wide).


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Amy Carey

Senior Assistant Director, East Asian Studies Center
The Ohio State University

Amy Carey is the senior assistant director of the East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University. She serves as the principal liaison for faculty, students, other campus units, and external organizations on China-, Japan-, and Korea-related programs. In addition to administering graduate degree programs and major fellowship and scholarship programs, Ms. Carey directs operations for new course development and teacher training, plans and manages the preparation of funding proposals and grant reports, and promotes the study of East Asia through the Center’s numerous print and electronic publications. She has worked in the field of international education/area studies for 15 years, at institutions such as Japan Society in New York, University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University, after teaching abroad for several years herself. Ms. Carey holds a master of arts in higher education administration and student affairs from The Ohio State University and undergraduate degrees in marketing, international business, and Japanese. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Staff Award at Ohio State, the university’s highest honor for staff.


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Eileen Kunkler

Assistant Director, Center for Slavic and East European Studies
The Ohio State University-Columbus

Eileen Kunkler is the assistant director of the Center for Slavic and East European Studies (CSEES) at The Ohio State University, a position she has held since 2012. CSEES seeds faculty positions and courses, sponsors lectures and conferences, brings visiting specialists from the region to campus, administers a Slavic and East European studies MA program, provides monies for library acquisitions, awards FLAS fellowships to OSU undergraduate and graduate students, and maintains a large video library. CSEES' outreach beyond OSU includes teacher workshops, presentations at local schools, partner programs with other higher education institutions, area studies conferences, and a newsletter. Ms. Kunkler holds master’s degrees in public policy and Slavic and East European studies as well as an undergraduate degree in international studies from The Ohio State University. She has done fieldwork, held an internship, and studied abroad in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. In addition to her study of Uzbek and Italian, she has advanced level Russian language proficiency.


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Cindy Xinquan Jiang

Senior Research Associate
The Ohio State University-Columbus Office of International Affairs

Dr. Jiang is the Senior Research Associate in the Office of International Affairs at the Ohio State University. She works in the areas of evaluation and assessment in international education, internationalization of higher education, and research in higher education. Dr. Jiang received her Ph.D. in higher education studies from the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education at the University of Michigan. She was involved in a number of research projects to study college student learning outcomes, international student experience and success, and has helped develop intercultural programs for international and American students.


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Bringing the World to Classrooms: Training Teachers for Global Learning


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