Program Session

5 - Dream Big: Hosting a MakerHealth Faire

Tuesday, May 30
3:25 PM - 3:30 PM
Room: 611

Objectives: Host a MakerHealth Faire that was dreamed up in the hopes of promoting not only 3D printing, but the MakerHealth movement, and the resources available on campus to the medical school community to assist in these ventures. Additionally, including a blend of different backgrounds to present their work to help identify areas for interprofessional collaboration.

Methods: Host a daring MakerHeath Faire!

"Makers” on campus were identified and invited to present their work at a table during the event. 18 tables were filled and included presenters from the schools of: Engineering, Informatics, and Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. Additional tables were filled by the university's information technology services, and advanced visualization lab. A local Makerspace was also invited and presenting at a table.

To generate even more ideas and help attendees understand impacts of “making” a panel discussion was created with some of the leading makers discussing their work. Panelists' backgrounds included: pathology, occupational therapy, informatics, dentistry, and advanced visualization. The MakerHealth Faire will be made available to students, faculty, and staff not on the campus by livestreaming table presenters and the panel discussion and making a recording available for viewing after the event.

Results: The MakerHealth Faire is just weeks away and there are no results to report yet. All tables have been filled with makers from a variety of backgrounds and promotional material has already generated buzz amongst the medical school community.

Conclusion: I plan to include number of attendees and survey results from attendees on the event. Additionally, will include list of table topics discussed by presenters. Survey results and success of event will determine if this becomes an annual affair for the library.

Keywords: 3D Printing; MakerHealth; MakerFaire; Making

Program Session

Jennifer Herron

Emerging Technologies Librarian
Ruth Lilly Medical Library
Indianapolis, Indiana

Jennifer Herron is the Emerging Technologies Librarian for the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine.

Jennifer started out as a Library Assistant in a small health sciences library and came to Indiana University from a hospital library. She is currently working on promoting 3D printing and testing out Augmented and Virtual Reality applications in medical education.

Jennifer has always been interested in technology and enjoys testing it out to see its potential uses in the library, for education, and making everyday life easier. Jennifer is especially interested in watching how mobile technology will impact healthcare.


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5 - Dream Big: Hosting a MakerHealth Faire

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