Program Session

3 - Embedded Librarians Integrating 3D Printing Technology into Master's Level Health Sciences Courses

Monday, May 29
1:35 PM - 1:50 PM
Room: 603

Objectives: The objectives of this project were to educate Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy students and faculty on 3D printing in healthcare and provide them with hands-on experience using this new technology while increasing the collaboration between librarians and faculty in the Touro College School of Health Sciences.

Methods: A survey was administered to students prior to the start of the project. Questions captured students’ attitudes towards 3D printing, their practical knowledge of 3D printing in the health sciences and their interest in a hands-on experiential learning project within their course curriculum. Questions were answered on a Likert scale allowing for comments. After the assignment completion, the same survey was again administered to students. The results were compared to assess if knowledge and comfort levels with the new technology, their attitude toward 3D printing and their willingness to use this in their future practice had changed. Qualitative data was also collected through observations and interviews to obtain suggestions for future implications.


The survey results illustrated an increase in student’s understanding and familiarity with 3D printing upon course completion. However, there were not large deviations in the rest of the responses from pre to post-test. Qualitative interviews conducted with key faculty, determined that having more control over file creation was necessary for success of project moving forward however the overall impression of the project and partnership with the library was positive. This project met its goal by increasing the visibility of the library and providing a platform for librarian collaboration within the curriculum.


The students enrolled in the two pilot courses received exposure to 3D printing in Rehabilitation Science. The OT students who had the most time with the printer were able to identify a patient need and create a device that they were able to see in practice.  They were proud of their finished products and grateful for the opportunity to have a hands on experience with 3D printing to assist their patients.  The pilot was deemed successful and will be rolled out on a larger scale and formally adopted into Occupational Therapy curriculum going forward.

"This project has been funded in whole or in part with the Federal funds from the Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine, under contract no. HHSN-276-2011-00003-C, with the University of Pittsburgh"

Keywords: 3D Printing, Embedded Librarians, Experiential Learning, Allied Health Education

Program Session

Jamie Saragossi

Health Sciences Collection Development and Outreach Librarian
Stony Brook University Libraries
Stony Brook, New York

Jamie Saragossi, MLS currently serves as the Health Sciences Collection Development and Outreach Librarian at Stony Brook University Health Sciences Library. In this role she also serves as liaison to the School of Social Welfare, the School of Dental Medicine and the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics. Jamie previously worked as the Chief Librarian at Touro College School of Health Sciences where she was the liaison to several departments within the school of health sciences. In this role Jamie was also an embedded librarian in several online classes offering expertise and assistance to students through their course management systems. Prior to receiving her MLS, Jamie was a marketing associate for Double Day Entertainment (Formerly Bookspan). Her research interests are in combining these two fields focusing on best practices for marketing and public relations strategies for health science libraries including the use of social media as well as embedded librarianship.


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3 - Embedded Librarians Integrating 3D Printing Technology into Master's Level Health Sciences Courses

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