Program Session

1 - Daring to Calculate the Cost Impact of the Librarian

Sunday, May 28
3:05 PM - 3:20 PM
Room: 603

Objectives: Changes in reimbursement mechanisms are pressuring hospital administrators to better understand the economic impact of each department and employee. Previous research reveals a positive financial and quality-of-care impact when clinicians work with health sciences librarians to address their information needs.The NNLM MidContinental Region (NNLM MCR)  proposed further investigating the current impact of librarians on costs of patient care.

Methods: A health economist worked with the NNLM MCR to develop a scalable methodology to estimate the patient cost impact of information searches performed by health science librarians. In general, the value of improved information from librarian searches could be estimated from the number of searches regarding patient care that librarians at an institution complete in a given period. For each type of improved patient care outcome or averted adverse event studied (e.g. reduced length of stay, avoided readmission, etc.), the number of librarian searches could be multiplied by both the percentage of searches that are expected to result in each type of event, and the estimated savings from each type of occurrence. Summing over all types of improved outcomes or averted negative events yields estimated (gross) savings from improved information.

Results: This presentation will explain the need for, details, and scope of the study.  Introduction of the project at this stage is meant to foster discussion of the design  ofand operationalizing various aspects of the methodology and the resources required to complete it.

The authors see that the next steps for implementing the study are:

Keywords: Librarian-value, Cost-impact, Cost-effectiveness, Workforce-efficiency, Research-opportunity

Program Session

Claire Hamasu

Associate Director
Eccles Health Sciences Library / NNLM MidContinental Region
Salt Lake City, UT

Claire Hamasu graduated with an MLS from the University of Hawaii. As a medical librarian, she has experience working in both hospital and academic medical libraries. She started her medical librarian career in a small hospital before moving to a major medical center in Hawaii. She became outreach coordinator with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library in 1991 and is currently associate director for the NNLM MidContinental Region.She has a strong interest in the value of librarians in healthcare.


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Kari Jones

Health Economist
Salt Lake City, Utah


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John Bramble

Research Enterprise / Outreach
National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region
Salt Lake City, Utah

John Bramble is the Research Enterprise / Utah Outreach Coordinator with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region and is a member of the Eccles Health Sciences Library faculty at the University of Utah. John coordinates learning and skills acquisition along with access to resources in the area the biomedical data sciences. John received an MLIS from Florida State University and has worked as a health sciences librarian since 2003. John also provides instruction on how to access quality/authoritative health-related online resources to all audience levels from laypersons to biomedical researchers. He provides instruction to small and large groups, both for in-person and online synchronous classes. John develops classes and teaches methods for accessing quality health information to health sciences librarians, health care providers, public libraries, community colleges, etc. John provides instruction in person along with asynchronous or self-directed online learning modules. Bramble's professional interest include: improving user experience (UX) when accessing services and resources, grant writing for specially funded projects from extramural sources, program assessment and evaluation, strategic planning and goal setting/outcome identification, and supporting / participating in professional associations with strong educational missions.


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Barbara Jones

Library Engagement//Missouri Coordinator
J Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library
Columbia, MO

Barb Jones, MLS is the Library Engagement Coordinator for the NNLM MidContinental Region. She is very interested in the value of the library/librarian to the practice of medicine and to the institution. She is a co-developer of the Library Valuation Calculators ( and has taught numerous classes for librarians on advocacy, business practices, evaluation and communication. Barb is the Government Relations Chair for the Hospital Library Section. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona Library School.


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1 - Daring to Calculate the Cost Impact of the Librarian

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