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4 - Gamification of Student Learning Assessment in an Online Graduate-Level Health Informatics Course

Monday, May 29
1:50 PM - 2:05 PM
Room: 603

Objectives: To use a gamified learning experience (video game) to measure graduate health informatics students’ understanding of primary and secondary sources after online, video instruction and Blackboard discussion board activities on how to identify primary and secondary sources.

 Methods: Research and Learning librarians collaborated with an informatics professor to create a lesson for graduate level health informatics students enrolled in an online Concepts of Research Methodology course. The research team focused on a single learning objective for this course, identifying primary and secondary sources. Students completed a pre-test designed to establish a baseline score. Students viewed a video lecture on Primary and Secondary sources and completed bi-weekly discussion board exercises to reinforce the video content. A video game, which was created using Unity software, was utilized to assess students’ learning after the completion of the primary/secondary lesson modules. After verifying that they completed the game, students were given a qualitative survey on their game experience as well as a primary/secondary source post-test.

 Results: Students who completed both the pre- and post-test improved their scores by several points. All students were able to complete the required game modules within a short timeframe. Students expressed an overall positive learning experience with the learning modules created by the embedded librarians, and the majority felt that the gamification of the primary and secondary course content assisted with their learning process.

 Conclusion: The gamification of the online learning module was well received by our mostly-millennial learners. The authors conclude that this particular video game might be more effective as a learning reinforcement tool rather than a standalone assessment. The competitive nature of the game environment, which requires students to beat the clock and earn a score, shows great promise in enhancing the medical student learning experience. 

 Keywords: gamification, collaboration, instruction, student engagement, assessment, technology

Program Session

Stephanie H. Kinsler

Assistant Professor, Research & Learning Librarian
University of Tennessee Health Sciences Library
Memphis, TN

Stephanie H. Kinsler is an Assistant Professor at the The University of Tennessee’s Health Science Center (UTHSC) Library in Memphis where she currently serves as the liaison to the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Health Professions. Before her move to Memphis, she served as the User Services Librarian at SUNY Orange in mid-Hudson Valley of New York. Over the past seven years, she has taught in a variety of formats including a 2-credit information literacy course, numerous one-shot sessions, and semester-long embedded teaching collaborations with faculty members. Her research areas include information literacy instruction and assessment, student engagement, and emerging educational technologies.


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Zeb Mathews

Assistant Professor/Librarian
University of Tennessee Health Sciences Library
Memphis, Tennessee

My name is Francis Zebulon Mathews, but I go by Zeb. I am a librarian who loves to learn new things and is a big fan of technology. My undergraduate degree is in computer science (with a minor in art) and I have always been fascinated with computers and computer programming. I have made it a major theme of my career to try and inject my creativity and technical knowhow into my work to provide the best service possible in all aspects of librarianship. Gamification of learning is one of my major resaerch interests but I am also interested in data management, data visualization, 3d printing, and a wide range of technical subjects. I am always looking for others who have technical or creative skills as well who want to collaborate on future projects, if you are so inclined then please let me know.


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Sajeesh Kumar

Associate Professor
Health Informatics and Information Management
Memphis, Tennessee


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4 - Gamification of Student Learning Assessment in an Online Graduate-Level Health Informatics Course

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