Program Session

1 - Evaluating and Choosing a Point-of-Care Tool for Your Library

Sunday, May 28
3:05 PM - 3:10 PM
Room: 612

Objectives: To perform a systematic evaluation of point of care / clinical decision tools to determine which products should be included in the library collection to meet the needs of both clinical and didactic students as well as faculty.

Methods: A committee including clinical, didactic, and librarian faculty was formed to evaluate leading point of care tools for inclusion in a university library collection. Committee members evaluated each product for content, currency, evidence level, and usability. To evaluate content, all members reviewed the same topics and gave feedback on their findings. Additionally, each member reviewed a topic area of her choice. Currency was evaluated by marking the references as generally being more or less than five years old. Evidence level and usability were evaluated using five point Likert scales. Other faculty were offered the opportunity to evaluate the products by identifying most and least favorite features, and giving an overall rating of the product on a scale of one to five. Results of these evaluations were analyzed to make a recommendation regarding point of care tools for the library collection.

Results:  The product evaluations showed that UpToDate scored highly for overall usability but that references in DynaMed Plus were more current. There was no significant difference in evidence level in any of the products reviewed. Content reviews showed concerns regarding evidence selection, older references, and reliance on a medical model of treatment, as well as further usability issues. No particular product outperformed the others.


Conclusion:  Because the evaluation revealed that the products were somewhat similar and all had concerns, the committee felt it was important to provide more than one point of care tool for the library collection. The committee’s recommendation will be to add UpToDate to the collection while maintaining current subscriptions to DynaMed Plus and Essential Evidence Plus. The proposal is pending budgetary approval.

Keywords: clinical decision making
point of care tool
mobile apps
collection development
electronic resources

Program Session

Billie Anne Gebb

Director of Library Services
Frontier Nursing University
Lexington, Kentucky

Billie Anne Gebb, MSLS, is the Director of Library Services for Frontier Nursing University. She has been with FNU for 10 years and previously worked in both special and academic libraries. Her professional interests include promoting information literacy across the curriculum, mobile technology, and library services for distance education students.


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1 - Evaluating and Choosing a Point-of-Care Tool for Your Library

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