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2 - Clinical Decision Making for Dental Students: The Outcomes of a Collaborative Evidence-Based Curriculum Designed by Dental Faculty and Health Sciences Librarians

Tuesday, May 30
3:10 PM - 3:15 PM
Room: 611

Objectives: Evidence-based dentistry relies on effective critical thinking skills. This study measured the outcomes of a critical-thinking and evidence-based dentistry curriculum developed and taught to first year dental students by dental school faculty and clinical librarians.

Methods: In the course of five-hours of class time, dental school faculty taught summary lectures on evidence-based dentistry. Librarians gave hands-on lectures about the acquisition and appraisal of evidence-based dentistry resources. A dental pharmaceutical company sales representative presented a 15-minute sales pitch on tooth whitening products to simulate an office sales call. Students then applied evidence-based practice skills in locating and appraising literature related to the presented product. Critical thinking skills were utilized to analyze the representative's sales claim. A validated critical thinking assessment tool was used to measure students' critical thinking performance

Results: Ninety one percent of students (n=108) demonstrated a high/positive response in considering multiple perspectives in subject matter. Eighty percent of students scored high/positive in understanding the components of a clear question. Regarding teaching performance, 90% found that the teachers supported the student’s ability to demonstrate good thinking, to apply insight to new situations, and to make the students feel engaged in the class. Eighty percent rated the instruction as high/positive impact on the development of the students’ skills in working through complex clinical question.

Conclusion: The use of dental faculty and librarians to teach an applied, “real life” evidence based dentistry curriculum improved first year dental students’ critical thinking skills and engaged them during class, as measured by a validated critical thinking skills inventory.

Keywords: Critical Thinking Evidence-based Dentistry Clinical Librarians Dental Faculty Multidisciplinary Curriculum

Program Session

Vida M. Vaughn

Assistant Director
Kornhauser Health Sciences Library
Louisville, Kentucky

Vida M. Vaughn has a Master's in Information and Library Science (MLIS) and an advanced certification in Clinical/Health Science Librarianship (CASHIL) from the University of Pittsburgh and serves as the Assistant Director of University of Louisville's Kornhauser Health Sciences LIbrary. Ms. Vaughn is responsible for the clinical librarian program that oversees the inclusion of clinical librarian services within medical teams. She manages the virtual library services for the KentuckyOne Health System which includes 27 organizations, over 3,000 clinicians, and two full-time hospital librarians. She is an embedded clinical librarian for the departments of OB/GYN, Clinical Nutrition, Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatrics,and Internal Medicine. She serves on the University of Louisville Institutional Review Board (IRB) and works closely with the School of Dentistry faculty and students. Ms. Vaughn held the position of president of the Kentucky Medical Library Association (KMLA) from 2012-2016.


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Pauletta G. Baughman

Associate Clinical Professor
General Dentistry and Oral Medicine
Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. P. Gay Baughman is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of General Dentistry and Oral Medicine at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. She is course director for Introduction to Clinical Dentistry I and is a D4 Group Manager. Dr. Baughman is a 1981 graduate of U of L’s School of Dentistry. Before becoming faculty at the dental school in 2009, she was in private practice in Fairdale, KY. She was chair of the Educational Subcommittee for Accreditation that included critical thinking. She is currently a member of the 2017 Quality Enhance Plan Committee which is part of U of L’s commitment to the reaccreditation process for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Dr. Baughman recently published the articles Perspectives-New Dental Accreditation Standard on Critical Thinking: A Call for Learning Models, Outcomes, Assessments, David C. Johnsen, DDS, MS; John N. Williams, DMD, MBA; Pauletta Gay Baughman, DMD; Darren M. Roesch, PhD; Cecile A. Feldman, DMD, MBA, Journal of Dental Education, October 2015 and Inquiry Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines, VOL. 30, NO. 3 49 Published Fall 2016, Evidence-Based Critical Thinking Exercise: Shaping Tomorrow’s Dental Choices with Ms. Vida Vaughn. In July 2016, Dr. Baughman spoke at the36th International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform on the topic, The Weaving of Critical Thinking Teaching Methods Throughout a Healthcare Curriculum.


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Gustavo Oliveira

Clinical Assistant Professor
Operative Dentistry
Chapel Hill, North Carolina


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Elizabeth M Smigielski

Nursing Student, MEPN Program
School of Nursing
Louisville, Kentucky


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2 - Clinical Decision Making for Dental Students: The Outcomes of a Collaborative Evidence-Based Curriculum Designed by Dental Faculty and Health Sciences Librarians

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