Karl J. Clark

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mayo Clinic

Karl Clark, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Â Dr. Clark's research laboratory uses genome engineering and zebrafish to study the vertebrate stress response system, a diverse suite of neuronal, endocrine and autonomic response mechanisms that play key roles in environmental interactions. Dr. Clark's research goals are to contribute to better understanding of the development of the stress response system, how it impacts patient health, and how it can be modulated for the benefit of patients. Dr. Clark is also the director of the Functional Validation Lab, a component of the Individualized Medicine Investigative and Functional Genomic Research Program. Dr. Clark earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota, where he trained with Dr. Perry Hackett and helped develop the Sleeping Beauty transposon system, earning his Ph.D. from the Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology, and Genetics program. Dr. Clark worked at Discovery Genomics, Inc., a gene therapy startup in Minneapolis, MN, before returning to the University of Minnesota for post-doctoral training in Dr. Scott Fahrenkrug's laboratory. There he helped improve genome engineering applications in livestock that contributed to starting Recombinetics, Inc., a livestock genome-editing company. He moved to Mayo Clinic to work and train with Dr. Stephen Ekker before starting his own laboratory.


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