Category: Patient and Public Education

7 - Maintaining Health and Nutrition through a Child’s Education In Arlington County, VA

Prevention for osteoporosis begins in childhood and a strong health curriculum can teach children healthy choices from the start. By analyzing the curriculum utilized in Arlington County, suggestions can be made to incorporate bone healthy behaviors. With diverse populations and areas, there needs to be an assessment of the current methods counties address all children and how to better communicate and give more diverse healthy choices. Research was conducted on current curricula in order to develop a basic curriculum that includes nutritional and physical activity needed for youth to grow and maintain strong bones. Through this study, a short survey for assessing the community was conducted. A webinar was held incorporating the survey information and handouts were included for reference. Most of the survey population (76.09%) believes that a bone health curriculum is important to implement in schools, but a sizable percentage (24%) do not believe so and is unsure of the importance. The curriculum in Arlington County has a well-implemented health education program, but there is still room for improvement to add more bone healthy behaviors. Bone health in youths is not just about growing strong bones, but may strengthen the concept of disease prevention over treatment. Through a comprehensive school health program, it may be possible to increase healthy behaviors and establish a habit for a lifetime.

Andrea Portillo

Marketing, Consumer and Professional Education Manager
Arlington, Virginia