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6115 - Encore Presentation - Incident Response in the Azure Cloud

Wednesday, September 27
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

This presentation outlines the presenter's experiences responding to a incident declared by a customer who had established a new instance of Azure and did not secure the environment correctly with respect to external connectivity. During the presentation we will talk to the challenges of IR in the cloud versus our traditional on-premise activities. We also will review basic Azure instrumentation including Azure powershell and Security Center. This will not be a review of how to conduct IR for the cloud; it will outline the differences seen and what those impacts can be. Finally, we'll summarize the key points learned from engaging and preparing post-mortem data collection as it relates to the Azure cloud.

Learning Objectives:

Daniel H. Watson

Global Sr. Managing Consultant Cybersecurity

Dan Watson is a 20-plus year veteran of the IT field who has worked with NCR, Dell and Microsoft. His ability to relate complex topics to laymen and experts alike have made him a valuable resource to companies and personnel alike. Dan supported IAG/UAG/TMG at Microsoft and currently drives security consulting at IBM with a focuse on the Microsoft space. With an understanding and background in electronics engineering, Dan can dive deep into issues and troubleshoot to the root cause and as well develop solutions that thwart attack and remove barriers to success.


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6115 - Encore Presentation - Incident Response in the Azure Cloud

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