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Education Level: Advanced

4314 - Provisioning, Roles and Requests in Identity Management

Monday, September 25
3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

The session will introduce the topics (provisioning and IAM) and provide concepts, then delve into technical details-- including several examples -- of each with respect to several end systems. The next portion will include types of operations involved in each topic: how they are evolving now and will in the future. The session will also touch on the regulatory compliance and governance benefits by implementing these methodologies. An example of a dummy organization with and without these methodologies will be presented. Several examples will be provided on operations for provisioning, roles and requests in identity management. We'll include a case study at the end.

Learning Objectives:

Sridhar Manthangodu

Senior Architect

Sridhar Manthangodu has been working as an identity and access management consultant for the past 11 years, he has worked in both technical and management roles. He currently is an Architect at Edgile. Sri has worked with multiple products in the area like Sun Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Manager and SailPoint Identity IQ. He is currently working on a provisioning solution using an identity management product for a multinational client. He has Masters in computer science from UT Arlington.
In the past, Sri worked for many Fortune 500 clients and has experience in idustries like finance, healthcare,manufacturing, education.


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4314 - Provisioning, Roles and Requests in Identity Management

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