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Education Level: Advanced

4114 - Multi-Factor Authentication for Retail

Monday, September 25
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

The emergence of a FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standard for biometrics has opened up real-world use cases around how a user authenticates to device and the device sends identity assertion to an app/service. We will talk about retail use cases and how we can support and adopt the FIDO UAF protocol in retail stores. We will focus on Windows Hello with native support of FIDO and reference implementation. Also, we will talk about how fingerprint device manufacturers are moving away from proprietary device drivers and releasing Windows Hello and FIDO-certified products (e.g., BioKey SideTouch), which solve device interplay issues. We will end the presentation by demonstrating technology to protect retails from security risks.

Learning Objectives:

Ankit Gupta

Director of Engineering and Architect
Persistent Systems Inc

Ankit Gupta is the director of engineering and architecture with Persistent Systems, a global software and technology company. He is an authority on information security and compliance, and has security solution implementation at both small and major corporations. He is also implementor of some of the largest identity management, access control and data security solutions. across verticals such as retail, financial services, energy and higher education.


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4114 - Multi-Factor Authentication for Retail

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