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Education Level: Intermediate

4213 - Denial, Deception and Attribution: Working Like a Bad Guy to Protect Your Network

Monday, September 25
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Denial and deception: tools used throughout history. Sometimes used in criminal acts. Sometimes used in war to sew confusion and get the upper hand. The use of denial and deception in cyber is few and far between. The view that defensive actions will secure your organization is not a holistic picture. Always waiting to be attacked and trying to plug the holes is a receipt for disaster. With cybersecurity its sometimes better to conceal your network, and misguide your attacker. Using denial and deception techniques organizations can change the rules of the attack. Done properly, you can lead the attacker anywhere you want him to go and exploit his weakness. And using these techniques in cyberspace to correctly attribute who and where the attacks are coming from is key to predicting the future.

Learning Objectives:

Don Debolt

Senior Technical Director, FireEye

Don DeBolt has 20 years of experience guiding teams and organizations in cybersecurity. Throughout his career, he has worked in security consulting, managed security, anti-virus research and cyber intelligence. Early on, Don worked to develop technical solutions to better enable the cyber workforce. Understanding that security is a balance between technology and human performance, Don is currently focused on developing a new education, training and readiness framework. Through the adoption of an experiential learning model, Don is helping his clients stay current, continuously improve and prepare for the emergent cyber threat.


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Geoff Hancock

Advanced Cybersecurity Group

Geoff Hancock has been in cybersecurity for 27 years in government and commercial organizations. He's held various roles, from operator to executive, and is experienced in building/operating security operations centers as well as active cyber defense, cyber intel and offensive operations programs.
Currently he provides a variety of special programs across cyber for various organizations.

Geoff is an adjunct professor at George Washington University and co-founder of the Cyber Intelligence Initiative at the Institute for World Politics. Additionally, he co-chairs the INSA Cyber Intelligence Task Force and is a member of Infragard's critical infrastructure team. Geoff also currently advise several NIST working groups on creating/updating upcoming recommendations.


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4213 - Denial, Deception and Attribution: Working Like a Bad Guy to Protect Your Network

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