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Education Level: Intermediate

4211 - Using the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) for the Rapid Creation of Secure Enclaves

Monday, September 25
3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Specified in RFC 7401 and approved by the IETF in 2015, the HIP v2 specification defines an alternative to the dual use of IP addresses as "locators" (routing labels) and "identifiers" (endpoint, or host, identifiers). With HIP, public cryptographic keys, of a public/private key pair, are used as host identifiers, to which higher-layer protocols are bound instead of an IP address. By using public keys (and their representations) as host identifiers, dynamic changes to IP address sets can be directly authenticated between hosts, and strong authentication may be instantiated between hosts at the TCP/IP stack level. HIP enables the rapid creation of enclaves that are both secure and invisible to other enclaves, or to potential attackers, that may exist outside the cryptographic namespace.

Learning Objectives:

David R. Furnas

Security Services Architect
Sutter Health

David Roy Furnas has served as a leader, technologist and project manager for the architecture, engineering and lifecycle management of systems and solutions for some of the nation's leading enterprises in multiple critical infrastructure sectors, including healthcare, emergency services, financial services and energy. His background includes a diverse depth and breadth of experience in transformational and servant leadership, management and supervision, software engineering, systems engineering, network engineering and information security engineering, governance and compliance. He is skilled in the interpretation and application of a broad portfolio of statutes, standards and guidance for information technology, security and privacy. Honored as distinguished alumnus by the Chancellor of National University in San Diego, he is additionally recognized as senior quality examiner under the criteria for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.


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4211 - Using the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) for the Rapid Creation of Secure Enclaves

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