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Education Level: Intermediate

5110 - Are You Playing Chess or Checkers with Your Cloud Security Posture?

Tuesday, September 26
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Too often IT professionals are busy reacting to network security issues, correcting operational stability and addressing end-user requests, leaving little time to plan an offensive posture that prevents common issues before they occur. In the game of checkers, a player waits for an opponent's move before determining his own. In chess, however, it's critical to think ahead three or more moves. The forward-thinking mindset of a chess player must be adopted by the savvy CIO/CISO or security officer to stay ahead of security challenges.

The internet is your chess board, and the way you position and use your resources will balance strategic and tactical support for the secure flow of information. Avoiding careless moves and simple mistakes while considering current threats will support your endgame.

Learning Objectives:

Derrick A. Butts

Chief Information Officer
Truth Initiative

As Truth Initiative’s Chief Information Officer, Derrick A. Butts, who holds a CISSP and ITILv3F certifications, oversees a team of specialists supporting computing, phone, cyber preparedness security and other information technologies, along with innovations for enterprise applications.

His background, spanning three decades in information technology, includes prototyping, managing and architecting secure information enterprise systems.  He is well versed in cybersecurity design strategies; application interoperability; transitional engineering logistics and planning (TELP) strategies; and implementing cloud computing/virtual networking infrastructures. Derrick's advised top executives on business processes, infrastructure improvements and technology refresh efforts to improve the continuity of secure business operations at major corporations such as Siemens and MCI/WorldCom and the Department of Defense-Navy.

Before joining the Truth Initiative, Derrick was president of Continuums Corporation, proving secure business continuity and cyber strategies for enterprise architectures.


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5110 - Are You Playing Chess or Checkers with Your Cloud Security Posture?

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