Hydro-informatics and Innovative Technology

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Development and Application of a Smart Irrigation Platform

Wednesday, January 4
12:30 PM - 12:30 PM
Location: 5th Meeting Room

To provide smart irrigation decision-making services for most irrigation systems in China, a smart irrigation platform was developed. The real-time (e.g. field water conditions) are monitored and transformed through a wireless sensor network, and weather (particularly rainfall) forecasts up to 15 days ahead are snatched and taken into consideration to avoid water losses and increase effective rainfall. Machine learning and intelligent optimization are employed to improve the artificial intelligence. Irrigation decisions are made through real-time and web-based crop growth and water balance modeling at the servers and fed back to the irrigation controllers in the field. Client application is developed for registered users to interact with the platform. All irrigators can register as users and log onto the platform. The current version of the platform can handle small scale irrigation systems with simple irrigation water supply system such as those for turf grass in urban area. Later version for large scale irrigation systems with complex irrigation water supply channel system will be developed in the future. Through the wireless internet, numerous irrigation systems can be managed by the platform. The platform has been used to manage irrigation systems in Hubei and Jiangxi Provinces. The applications showed that high-level intelligent irrigation decision-making services can be provided and labor input can be significantly reduced.

Yufeng Luo

School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering


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Development and Application of a Smart Irrigation Platform

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