Climate Change and Climate Variability

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Impact of Sea Level Rise on Seawater Intrusion

Wednesday, January 4
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: 2nd & 3rd Meeting Room

Groundwater is the major source of freshwater all over the world. The planning and management of groundwater resources is necessary to avoid it from contamination. Groundwater in coastal regions is mostly contaminated by seawater intrusion due to over exploitation of coastal aquifer. This is the main cause of seawater intrusion in coastal areas.  A change in sea level affect the coastal region in many ways and may affect the freshwater seawater interface. Modelling study is necessary for better management of coastal aquifers.  In this study, a simulation model is developed to study the seawater intrusion of a coastal aquifer in India.  The effect of sea level change on seawater intruison is also simulated using the model. SEAWAT, a 3D variable density groundwater flow and solute transport model was applied to study the extend of seawater intrusion for a stretch of Chellanam to Vypin in Ernakulam coas, Kerala, India Sealevel change was predicted by climate study. By considering the same conditions as that of 2014, and by varying the recharge and sea level change,  simulation model was applied to predict the seawater freshwater interface during 2050.  To predict the effect of climate change on the sea level change, CMIP5 was used by considering RCP 8.5, RCP 6 and RCP 4.5 emission scenarios .5ea level change impact on seawater intrusion was studied for two scenarios ie  RCP8.5 and RCP4.5.  The model prediction shows a shift in the interface of about 0.5 km for RCP 8.5 simulation than that of the 2014. Whereas based on  RCP4.5  simulation there was no influence of the sea level rise on seawater intrusion. 


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Impact of Sea Level Rise on Seawater Intrusion

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