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Study on Hydrological Stages in the Lower Reaches of Lancang River

Wednesday, January 4
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: 1st Meeting Room

Currently, the issues of water resources such as flood and seasonal drought has become increasingly prominent in Lancang River. A reasonable division of flood and drought period has an important guiding significance for the formulation and implementation of flood control and drought relief planning. Three methods, which are variation analysis method based on monthly runoff reconstruction sequence, Brown-Forsythe method and Fuzzy statistics method, using monthly runoff data of three hydrological stations (Jiuzhou, Jiajiu, Yunjinghong), are applied to explore the hydrological staging laws in the lower reaches of Lancang River. By analysis, the flood seasons for all three hydrological stations are from June to October through the method based on variation analysis. As for Brown-Forsythe method, the flood seasons for three hydrological stations are different (from May to October for Jiuzhou, from June to October for Jiajiu, from June to November for Yunjinghong). The flood seasons calculated by Fuzzy statistics method for Jiuzhou, Jiaju and Yunjinghong are from May to October, from May to November and from June to November respectively. The results show that the conclusions of these three methods are consistent basically, but there are slight differences among the start time and end time of flood season in each station. Considering unified management in this region, the author takes the union of flood period as the common flood period which can cover all the results of the three methods. Then, the flood season is determined from May to November, and the drought season from December to April of next year. The result could be used for local production management department to arrange works of flood control and drought relief.

Xu Lei

Doctoral Candidate
State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science, Wuhan University


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Study on Hydrological Stages in the Lower Reaches of Lancang River

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