Mars Exploration Zone Map Design Competition

Wednesday, July 5
3:50 PM - 6:50 PM
Location: Exhibit Hall C

The 2030s is the target decade for the first human visit to Mars as planned by NASA. In 2015, 47 landing sites or Exploration Zones (EZ), each 200 km in diameter, have been proposed by the planetary science community. These should be mapped in high detail in the forthcoming years to enable proper comparison of the 47 sites and the selection of the finalist. The ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography made a call for maps for designing Exploration Zone maps to aid future human explorers of Mars.
This contest was open to students, young professional cartographers, and graphic artists in any country of the world.
The project was to select one candidate landing site and design an actual map that the contestant envisions will be useful in surface operations. We asked that the contestants do not create simply a geologic map, but rather a product that can be used by the astronauts during their approximately one-year long mission within the Exploration Zone. This requires creativity, and it is also useful to have a good knowledge of surface features, surface hazards, science goals and the use of the proper cartographic tools.
The display and format of the maps was entirely up to the participants.
In the poster we will present the works of the winners of the contest in each category.

Henrik I. Hargitai

Postdoctoral Researcher
NASA Ames Research Center

Henrik I. Hargitai (Ph.D., 2007) is a planetary geomorphologist and media historian. He is a postdoctoral fellow at the NASA Ames Research Center. He taught planetary geomorphology, planetary cartography, typography, and media history as a senior lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary since 2002. He has a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and Philosophy (Aesthetics). His study fields include planetary cartography, fluvial geomorphology, and the history and localization of planetary nomenclature. He participated in two Mars Desert Research Station simulations. He is the chair of the ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography.


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Mars Exploration Zone Map Design Competition


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