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6610.2 - The visualization service of geosensor networks in monitoring and early warning of the geohazard in mines

Thursday, July 6
3:10 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Coolidge

Sensor networks GIS and real-time GIS are becoming one of the research hotspots in the field of Geomatics. Geosensor networks is mainly referred to sensor networks which is based on the GPS, Georobot, terrestrial 3D laser scanner and ground based SAR and other geodetic type sensors, and related sensors, such as tilt, displacement, temperature, pressure, rainfall, images and so on, integrating with computer network and wireless communication and spatial database system, which can do precision monitoring and forecasting work for the mine ground disasters monitoring.
All monitoring data is storied into MongoDB database. We develop the data analysis software of MDA_GIS, the monitoring point, line and area feature can be analyzed and visualized realtime in MDA_GIS. The horizontal and vertical movement is represented by dynamic deformation field in a certain time interval which helps to analyse the deformation mechanism and process of the ground disasters and also is an important evidence for the ground disaster early warning and forecasting.
Based on geographic information service technology, system can publish WMS service, WMTS service, WFS service and slope monitoring grid WFS service. Connection with real-time monitoring database, user can query the monitoring data and make data processing, data processing mainly includes real-time deformation the calculation and monitoring points accumulating deformation calculation and monitoring points in the past year, monthly, weekly, daily deformation calculation, grid accumulating deformation calculation.
An infographic is defined as a visualization of data or ideas that tries to convey complex information to an audience in a manner that can be quickly consumed and easily understood. The process of developing and publishing infographics is called data visualization, information design, or information architecture. The dashboard has the characteristics of rich content, various forms, and interactive operation and so on. The design process is carried out around the theme of "information transmission", which is helpful to convey specific information. The characteristics, interface design and development control of the dashboard visualization and the type of the dashboard chart has been studied, such as the pointer type dashboard, the calendar diagram, the mixing diagram, the scatter diagram, and so on.
The knowledge map and infographics are used to obtain the better application effect in the data and information visual representation of the geosensor network. The dashboard methodology of geosensor network represents monitoring point change information, using the calendar panel represents changes with the date of geosensor network data, using the block area thematic map represents early warning information.
The geohazard correlation factor and visualization analysis are further discussed combined with geological, mining layout, and meteorological sensors, strata displacement sensors and so on, which contribute to better serve mine safety production management and decision-making.
 The work described in this paper was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 41371373) and National key research and development program of China (Project No. 2016YFB0502601) .

Zhang Jin

Taiyuan University of Technology

1984 graduated from Wuhan College of Surveying and mapping,bachelor degree. In 2002 received a PhD degree from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. PhD & Professor in Geomatics, Now I am working at Taiyuan University of Technology.
Main research interesting is geosensor networks , dogital mine, smart city and multi-scale GIS.


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Lucia Lovison-Golob

Geospatial Director
Afriterra Foundation

Dr. Lucia Lovison-Golob is the Geospatial Director and Librarian of Afriterra Foundation and a Capacity Building coordinator for the Disasters at the Group of Earth Observations (GEO).


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6610.2 - The visualization service of geosensor networks in monitoring and early warning of the geohazard in mines

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