Generalisation and Multiple Representation

Trajectories and line generalisation

6204.2 - Semantically Enriched Line Simplification through Mnemonic Rasterization

Thursday, July 6
10:50 AM - 11:10 AM
Location: Virginia B

One fundamental generalization process in cartography is simplification, which applies to linear features (e.g., roads, rivers), outlines of areas (e.g., municipal boundaries, lake banks), or moving objects trajectories (e.g., humans, vehicles). Simplification of a line involves removal of high density vertices to reduce complexity or redundancy in a dataset. The reduction technique is simple but obtaining a consistent or meaningful output is a complicated cartographic problem. Furthermore, even if a consistent or meaningful output is obtained, the simplification of linear features is by nature a lossy process. Removal of vertices will inevitably affect the semantics associated with the original line. This paper introduces a framework that can support a consistent line simplification and at the same time preserve the semantic characteristics associated with the original linear features. The framework combines two recently developed methods and is currently being tested to support the generation of mapping layers for multi-resolution representations and raster tiled (slippy) maps.

Emmanuel Stefanakis

University of New Brunswick

Emmanuel Stefanakis, Ph.D., PEng., is an Associate Professor of Geographic Information Systems and Science and the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. He is the Editor of Cartographica Journal. For more information, please visit:


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Dirk Burghardt

Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Dr.-Ing. habil.
TU Dresden, Institut of Cartography

Dirk Burghardt is a full professor in the Cartographic Institute at Dresden University of Technology since 2009. From 1998-2001 he worked as a software engineer and product manager in a map production company in Switzerland. Between 2002 and 2008 he was lecturer in the GIS Division at the University of Zurich (CH). Prof. Burghardt is the chair of the ICA Commission on Generalisation and Multiple Representation of the International Cartographic Association since 2011. His main research interests include automated generalisation and map production, geographic information retrieval, interactive cartographic presentations, geovisual analytics and cartographic communication.


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6204.2 - Semantically Enriched Line Simplification through Mnemonic Rasterization

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