25 Years International Correspondence Seminars in Cartosemiotics

Monday, July 3
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: Exhibit Hall C

25 years international correspondence seminars in cartosemiotics
Hansgeorg Schlichtmann (Canada) and Alexander Wolodtschenko (Germany)

Cartosemiotics with its various manifestations is an interesting facet not only of European, but also of international theoretical cartography. The last three decades were characterized by considerable research and publication activity in this subfield.
This poster paper informs about a set of international correspondence seminars in cartosemiotics, initiated in 1991. The seminars were in a non-institutional format. Their first proceedings were published (in German and Russian) in the discussion paper series “Kartosemiotik” / “Kartosemiotika”, edited by J. Pravda and A. Wolodtschenko. Six issues appeared between 1991 and 1995. One of them (“Kartosemiotik” / “Kartosemiotika” 5/1994) constitutes the proceedings of a professional colloquium; it contains 17 chapters, contributed by 19 authors.
The tradition of “Kartosemiotik” / “Kartosemiotika” was continued by a new series entitled “Diskussionsbeitraege zur Kartosemiotik und zur Theorie der Kartographie” (Discussion papers on cartosemiotics and on the theory of cartography), edited by A. Wolodtschenko and H. Schlichtmann. It contains contributions in German, Russian, and English.
Between 1991 and 2016, the international correspondence seminars have resulted in the production of 25 issues. 19 issues have been published from 1998 to 2016; a 20th volume is planned for 2017 as a jubilee one. Old and new authors are invited to contribute to future seminars.
12 issues (with 79 articles, contributed by 60 authors) are thematically diverse collections of papers on theoretical and methodological-technological aspects of cartography and its cognate disciplines. The issue “Diskussionsbeitraege” 2/1999 with 17 studies (13 in German, two in English and two in Russian) and issue “Diskussionsbeitraege” 18/2015 with seven studies (in English) were created in a monographic format, by a single author (A. Wolodtschenko). Five issues are monographic volumes:
- Kartosemiotik in Europa/ Cartosemiotics in Europe (“Diskussionsbeitraege” 5/2002, by A. Wolodtschenko)
- Nationalatlas Deutschland: Ein kartosemiotisches Portraet/ National Atlas of Germany: A Cartosemiotic Portrait (“Diskussionsbeitraege” 10/2007, by A. Wolodtschenko)
- Kartosemioticheski analiz ekologicheskih atlasov/ Cartosemiotic analysis of ecological atlases. (“Diskussionsbeitraege” 11/2008, by A. Wolodtschenko and I.N. Rotanova)
- 30 Jahre mit und fuer die Kartosemiotik 1981-2011/ 30 years with and for cartosemiotics 1981-2011 (“Diskussionsbeitraege” 14/2011, by A. Wolodtschenko)
- Semiotika fotoatlasov/ Semiotics of photoatlases (“Diskussionsbeitraege” 19/2016, by A. Wolodtschenko).

What trace have the international correspondence seminars left? For 25 years, our seminars have brought together new cartosemiotic-theoretical knowledge in cartography and cognate fields for the benefit of present and future scholars. This knowledge is formulated in three languages (German, Russian, and English) and stands in cartographic and non-cartographic traditions.
We hope that the ideas presented in the correspondence seminars will be found not only enlightening and helpful, but also instructive. Cartosemiotics has highlighted the deficiencies of modern cartography or neo-cartography. In neo-cartography digital information technology dominates. Nowadays, theoretical ideas and conceptions are not attractive for technological cartography. Without cartosemiotic-theoretical knowledge this cartography will be a craft, not a science.

Alexander Wolodtschenko

Dr. Dr.h.c.
cartograph, carto-semiotician

Dr. Dr.h.c. Alexander Wolodtschenko was chairman of the ICA Commission on Theoretical Cartography (1999-2011). He is editor of e-almanac , co-editor of e-journal and cartosemiotic issue.
Co-founder and co-chairman of section “Eco- and Cartosemiotics”, German Association of Semiotics. Author of 15 cartographic-semiotic monographs, 30 illustrated mini-atlases and more than 300 diverse articles. 35 years he has worked at the Dresden University of Technology as research assistant of the Institute of Cartography (1979-2014).


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Hansgeorg Schlichtmann

Dr. Professor Emeritus
University of Regina

Dr. Hansgeorg Schlichtmann is Professor Emeritus at the University of Regina, Regina, Canada, where he used to teach in the Department of Geography.
In the International Cartographic Association, he chaired the Working Group on Map Semiotics (1995-1999) and edited the collection Map
Semiotics around the World. Later he co-chaired the Commission on Theoretical Cartography (1999-2007). Currently he is co-editor of the
series Diskussionsbeitraege zur Kartosemiotik und zur Theorie der Kartographie.


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25 Years International Correspondence Seminars in Cartosemiotics

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