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6210.3 - Expressive map design: OGC SLD/SE++ extension for expressive map styles

Thursday, July 6
11:10 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: Coolidge

In the context of the personalization of map design, cartographic needs have been highlighted considering the handling of more artistic and expressive tools, in order to design stylized and expressive maps, in existing carto-graphic pipelines. Based on previous works on style formalization, an approach of the specification of the style of a map has been proposed and experimented for some use cases. A first step concerns the analysis of inspiration sources, in order to extract ‘what does make the style of the source’, i.e. the salient visual characteristics to be auto-matically reproduced (textures, spatial arrangements, linear stylization, etc.). In order to mimic and generate those visual characteristics, existing and innovative rendering techniques have been implemented in our GIS engine, thus extending the capabilities to generate expressive renderings. Therefore, an extension of the existing cartographic pipeline has been proposed based on the following aspects: 1- extension of the symbolization specifications OGC SLD/SE in order to provide a formalism to specify new types of Symbolizers and their related rendering methods; 2- separate specification of each rendering method and its parametrization, as metadata. The main contribution has been described in (Christophe et al. 2016). We focus here on the extension of the cartographic pipeline (SLD++ and metadata) and the diversity of map design capabilities that have been experimented for many topographic styles: old cartographic styles (Cassini), artistic styles (watercolor, impressionism, Japanese print), hybrid topographic styles (ortho-imagery & vector data) and finally abstract and photo-realist styles for the geovisualization of costal area. The genericity and interoperability of the approach is promising and has already been tested for 3D visualization.

Sidonie Christophe

Senior researcher in Geovisualization
Univ. Paris-Est, LASTIG COGIT, IGN, ENSG, F-94160 Saint-Mande, France

PhD Sidonie Christophe is a senior researcher in cartography and geovisualization, in the COGIT Team of the IGN-France. She is co-chair of the ICA Commission on Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization, and also co-chair of the ISPRS Commission on Geovisualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality. Her research works focus on knowledge formalization for map and geovis -design, -use and -cognition, in particular on personalization and user control on design.


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Amber J. Bosse

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
University of Kentucky

Amber J. Bosse is a Ph.D. student in the University of Kentucky’s Department of Geography. As a pioneer of participatory action mapping (PAM), she has collaborated with more than a dozen grassroot organizations throughout the past four years. Throughout these project, she has repeatedly observed how maps that ‘break all the rules’ of functional cartography and work to successfully gain the attention of local, state, and federal leaders. As such, her dissertation examines the history of cartographic design in an attempt to trace its disciplining and analyze the mechanisms through which legitimacy is granted through particular “aesthetics”.


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6210.3 - Expressive map design: OGC SLD/SE++ extension for expressive map styles


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