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5608.3 - The generation of Ecosystem Health Assessment Map for Chongming Dongtan with Sequence Satellite Imagery

Wednesday, July 5
3:30 PM - 3:50 PM
Location: Maryland C

Dongtan international wetland provides important habitats for many wildlife species and important sanctuary for endangered species. However, with the increase of development intensity and human activities, this island suffers from increasing environmental pressure. On the other hand, biological succession at the mudflat wetland occurs as the eastern beach of Chongming extends further each year, which made Chongming Dongtan become a rapid developed and rare ecosystems in the world. Therefore, monitoring the wetland spatio-temporal change and analyzing the interplay between wetland evolution process and human activities is a frontier research problem. Meanwhile it can play an important role in the management and protection of Chongming Dongtan wetland.
In this paper, eight Landsat images from 1986 to 2013 were used to extract the land-use information of Chongming Dongtan based on a kernel-extreme learning machine (K-ELM). Then the Pressure-state-response (PSR) framework was utilized to evaluate the interactions between environmental pressures, the state of the environment and environmental responses. In this framework, eight specific indexes were calculated in rural ecosystem and wetland ecosystem respectively, which are calculated from the result of remote sensing interpretation.
Furthermore, different indexes were weighted by using of analytic hierarchy process (AHP), which is a theory of measurement through pairwise comparisons and relies on the judgements of experts to derive priority scales. Finally the aggregative index of ecosystem health assessment was caculated by a weighted sum of different indexed.
Furthermore, according to the determinate ecosystem health grades, we made the ecosystem health assessment map from 1990 to 2013. In this study, we scaled the health statement into ten levels which were colored from light to dark.
From the result of the experiment, the different state of wetland ecosystem can be analyzed during 1990 to 2013. Meanwhile the area of different health statements in Chongming Dongtan and the Wetland were calculated respectively. These statistical results show that human activities played a vital role in rural ecosystem. Large area reclamation has degraded the coverage of vegetation and wetland use. The Dongtan Nature reserve was built in 1998 and began to run in 1999. After that, the health statement of Chongming Dongtan changed better. However, it became worse since the Spartina Alterniflora invaded in 1995, which makes the health statement in 2000 and 2003 were worse than 1990. Then the government began to take some actions to control the Spartina Alterniflora and increase the cultivated land. Thus the health statement of wetland ecosystem kept turning better between 2007 and 2013, which got its most healthy statement in 2013.
Above all, we applied sequence TM images to generate the ecosystem health assessment maps of Chongming Dongtan. The results show that the proposed health assessment model based on PSR framework is successfully performed in our study area. In the further study, Some high spatial resolution RS images should be utilized, such as WorldView-2 and QuickBird for avoiding the classification errors caused by mixed pixels in low- or mid-resolution images. In addition, more multi-source data like environmental survey data and economics data could be applied together to improve the assessment.

Yi Lin

Tongji University

She works at the College of Surveying and Geoinfomatics in Tongji University. She is currently Associte Professor and Deputy Director of the Research Center of Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Technology at Tongji University. Her research interests include remote sensing image processing, digital photogrammetry, integration applications of remote sensing and GIS.


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Jie Yu

Tongji University

Ms. Jie Yu now is a Ph.D student studied in Tongji University , Her research filed is Remote sensing and GIS application. She visited the research lab at Department of Geography, Queen’s University for one year starting September 2014 and ending August 2015.


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Jonathan Li

University of Waterloo

Jonathan Li is a full professor with the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, He received the PhD degree in remote sensing and geoinformatics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2000. His research interests include information extraction from earth observation imagery and mobile laser scanning data. He is chair of the ICA Commission on SEnsor-driven Mapping (2015-2019). He is Associate Editor of IEEE-TITS, IEEE-JSTARS, and Sensors.


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Daniel M. Lopez Lopez

Master Degree
Centro de Investigacion en Geografia y Geomatica Ing. J. L. Tamayo A. C.

Agrologo (Soil scientist), Magister of Science, International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences, 1992, Enschede, The Netherlands. Magister in Geomatic, CentroGeo, 2006, México. Lecturer on Landuse planning and Land evaluation - Geographic Institute Agustin Codazzi, Bogotá, Colombia (1989-2000). Researcher CentroGeo (2000-present). Research fields: Process and analysis of DEM for analyses and modelling environmental problems, analysis and assessment of vulnerability -Resilience to global environmental change.
Projects: Digital image processing for land use-land cover and geomorphologic cartography. Spatial analysis and modeling for land use planning and Vulnerability-Resilience to Global environmental change.


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5608.3 - The generation of Ecosystem Health Assessment Map for Chongming Dongtan with Sequence Satellite Imagery

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