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7110.4 - MAUP Sensitivity Analysis on Population Density

Friday, July 7
9:30 AM - 9:50 AM
Location: Coolidge

This paper examined the effect of modifiable area unit problem (MAUP) on urban structure. Monte Carlo simulation was used to disaggregate population data for Chicago from census blocks level to individual level. After that, six Monocentric models built up by three different shapes with two different scales for each shape were used to re-aggregate the individuals, and to examine the relationship between population and distance to the city center at two irregular census units’ level and six self-defined regular units’ level. Model coefficients and goodness of fit (R2) were compared between different levels to assess the impact of MAUP. The result concluded that different model had different description for the urban structure, and regular units had a better goodness of fit than the irregular census units. Three contributions were made by this Monte Carlo method: 1, greatly improving the goodness of fit; 2 realizing the scale free; 3 reducing ecological fallacy.

Cuiling Liu

Louisiana State University

I am a second year Ph.d student in Louisiana State University,Geography and Anthropology department .My interest is the application of GIS in urban planning, environment problem and economic geography.


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Nina S.N Lam

Louisiana State University

Nina Lam is Professor and E.L. Abraham Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University. She was Chair of the Department (2007-2010), Program Director of U.S. National Science Foundation Geography and Spatial Sciences Program (1999-2001), and President of University Consortium on Geographic Information Science (UCGIS, 2004). Professor Lam’s research interests are in GIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis, environmental health, and community resilience. She has published on topics including spatial interpolation, fractals, cancer mortality, scale and uncertainties, AIDS in America, business recovery in New Orleans after Katrina, community resilience assessment, coastal resilience modeling using a coupled natural-human system approach. Lam has received top awards from within LSU (Distinguished Faculty, Rainmaker, Distinguished Research Master, and Outstanding Faculty Research Award), and outside LSU including Association of American Geographers’ (AAG) (Outstanding Contributions in Remote Sensing) and University Consortium on Geographic Information Science (UCGIS Fellow, The 2016 Inaugural Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award). Lam has coedited two books and authored and co-authored over 95 refereed articles. She has served as the Principal Investigor or Co-Principal Investigator of over 40 external grants. Lam has advised 5 post-doctoral associates, 17 PhDs, and 30 M.S. students.


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7110.4 - MAUP Sensitivity Analysis on Population Density

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